___Stunning Rooms at Karnavati___

Stunning Rooms at Karnavati

Rooms at Karnavati Retreat are something which you will not find generally. Different rooms are carved out in the most luxurious manner one could imagine. Spaciousness is a must, and this is why rooms have huge space and would never feel congested. Specialty of rooms at Karnavati is that, every corner of the room would make you feel refreshed. This is because, the theme of these spacious rooms are in accordance the natural beauty that surrounds the property. You will find the freshness of nature, along with a very classic look which has been provided in every room. When you remove the curtains, the luxurious rooms at Karnavati property would leave you spellbound with a stunning view of rivers and mountains. After a long tiring day of sightseeing and traveling, you would love to relax on a soft, clean, comfortable bed. Quality bedding is offered to guests that choose to stay at Karnavati Retreat. A delightful stay is what we plan for you, and this is why we ensure that every bit of your stay becomes memorable. For the couples that wish to spend a romantic time, we have special offerings for them. Classy, romantic decoration is done and beautiful rooms await them at Karnavati Retreat. Beautiful, long curtains are used which add to the beauty of these rooms. Every room has flat screen TV which entertains the guest. You will also be offered hairdryer and free toiletries that would make your stay comfortable. Stylish furniture further glorifies the room, as it complements the wall colors. Sophisticated shades are used in every room so that guests can totally relax after a day full of excursion.


Looking for a place that can mesmerize you and bring peace to your soul? Set amidst the beauty and serenity of nature, Karnavati Retreat is the perfect destination for you..


An amazing getaway, situated close to the world heritage, Khajurao Temples, and Panna National park, Karnavati Retreat is surely heaven for the visitors. If you love heritage and culture, then plan a trip to Khajurao temples and stay at Karnavati River side property to experience awesomeness of nature.


This property has lots to offer to its visitors and promises to make their trip fun filled and highly exciting. For those who wish to relax and spend time away from the noisiness of city life, Karnavati Retreat would be like an escape from all the stress.


While staying here, you can easily catch glimpse of various wild animals at Panna National Park including Cheetal, Bengal Tiger, Nilgai, Brown bear, and Sambhar. Not just this, several senior citizens travel to stay at Karnavati to spend great time while watching birds.